Business Selling Tips Australia

Business Selling Tips Australia​
If you need business selling tips, then you have come to the right place. We have been helping business owners sell their businesses for many years, and we have the expertise and experience to help you have a smooth transaction while getting you the most money for your business.
Even with our help, however, it’s good to be prepared before you ever even put your business on the market. These business selling tips will help you get things off to a great start.

Check out our business selling tips and then call to list your business!

Tidy up your stock. Sell off obsolete, or slow moving stock items. This will improve both your sales and your Gross Profit. Your buyer will be impressed that you are not holding any unsaleable stock, and it will eliminate any possible arguments over the valuation of such stock during the sale.

Tidy up your Plant & Equipment. Make your workplace into an efficient working environment. Add a little paint here and there to make things look well maintained. Ensure that you eliminate oil leaks. Anticipate Health Dept. requirements, and sell off and convert into cash any scrap, redundant or obsolete machinery and parts that are cluttering up the place.

Tidy up your staff. Where possible, get your staff to take up their leave and other entitlements prior to sale. Get them to wear uniforms, and make sure they wear safety gear when required.

Tidy up your premises. Have a look around with the eyes of a prospective purchaser. What would it look like to a critical new observer? The condition of your premises can say a lot about your profitability.

Tidy up your Debtors.

An area of great concern to a prospective purchaser is the state of your Debtors. Based on your figures, the buyer will have to do his cash flow and working capital forecasting to justify the purchase, and may be very nervous about taking on customers who look as though they take forever to pay their accounts. Now is a good time to bring them into line. You can use the improved cash flow to :

Tidy up your creditors and even take those early-settlement discounts. This will create a positive impression of the inherent strength of your business.

Tidy up your Balance Sheet. It would also help if you could remove from your Balance Sheet any items which are unrelated to the business being sold, and include, possibly through an Asset Revaluation Reserve or similar, any assets which are not currently listed at their proper value.

Get a business broker. Hiring an experienced broker, such as Australian Businesses For Sale, is the best way to ensure you are charging a fair rate, making the right connections, and putting your business’s best foot forward.

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