Business Buying Information Australia

Business Buying Information Australia​
If you have business buying questions, then you have come to the right place. We have compiled many of our most commonly asked questions about buying and selling an Australian business along with our answers.
If you need more information, feel free to get in touch and we will be happy to help in any way that we can.

Q: Why should I hire a broker instead of selling my business on my own?

A: There are many benefits when you have a business broker acting on your behalf. For starters, you can remain anonymous during the sale. It also means your role within your company, handling day-to-day operations, is not so disrupted by the time you’d otherwise need to devote to selling your business. And significantly, a broker will readily be able to reach many potential business investors that you’d be unlikely to have access to.

Q: In what industries are the businesses you sell?

A: We work across a wide range of industries, but we do specialise in the following areas:

  • Caravan Parks
  • Motels
  • Hotels
  • Bed & Breakfast
  • Rural
  • Management Rights
  • Commercial
  • Developments
  • Q: How long will it take to sell my business?

    A: This will depend on many factors. For our part, we would work closely with you to ensure your business is in good shape. This is so you are ready to sell for the best possible price. Obviously, the more work your business needs before it’s ready for the market, the more time needed. However, when it hits the market it will be ready for the fast track to sell.

    Q: What are the benefits of buying a business?

    A: Purchasing an existing business is often a less risky investment than starting a new business from scratch. This is especially true if the company in question already has a good following and is consistently profitable. You will already have established customers, products, and in some cases, a well-known brand name.

    Q: Are there any fees for buyers when working with Broadwalk Business Brokers?

    A: No. Buyers are not charges fees or charges for seeking information or discussing businesses with our brokers.

    Q: Does Broadwalk Business Brokers carry out a Due Diligence on Businesses for Buyers?

    A: No. The Due diligence process should be conducted by the purchaser independently. The Broker will assist you in gathering required information for you accountant & solicitor.

    Q: Do I have to sign a Confidentiality Agreement to discuss or receive information?

    A: Yes. It is our Policy and our vendors request that everyone before receiving any information signs a Confidentiality Agreement to ensure that proprietary information relating to the business in question remains confidential. Keeping all information Privet is mandatory pre-requisite of our processes designed to protect the vendor’s business and intellectual property.

    Q: Do I require an Accountant and or Solicitor?

    A: Yes. Broadwalk Business Brokers always recommends you obtain the services of independent legal and financial advisors to ensure that your legal and financial matters are correctly handled.

    Q: Is there training when I purchase a Business?

    A: Yes. After Settlement so time prior, the length is negotiated in the offer and length depends on the degree of Knowledge need to successfully run the Business.

    Q: I am looking to purchase a Business, What should I do next?

    A: Contact Broadwalk Business Brokers by phone or email, one of our train staff will discuss with you any question you have and can help you get started in your endeavours to find the right Business for you. Contact up on 1300 136 559 or email us on enquiries@broadwalkbusinessbrokers.com.au

    Q: What happens once I have made an offer on a business for sale?

    A: Click here to see the 6 steps

    Q: Why should I use a Broker?

    A: A professional business broker can be helpful in many ways. They can provide you with a selection of different and, in many cases, unique businesses, including many that you would not be able to find on your own. Approximately 90 percent of those who buy businesses end up with something completely different from the business that they first inquired about. Business brokers can offer you a wide variety of businesses to look at and consider.

    Business brokers are also an excellent source of information about small business and the business buying process. They are familiar with the market and can advise you about trends, pricing and what is happening. Your business broker will handle all of the details of the business sale and will do everything possible to guide you in the right direction, including, if necessary, consulting other professionals who may be able to assist you.

    A professional business broker is the best person to talk to about your business needs and requirements.