Business Broker Australia

Business Broker Australia​

About us

Australian Businesses For Sale is a business broker—a match-maker who connects investors with businesses for sale.

It’s a good day at the office for us when a business owner can move on, having found a successor to take over ownership.
There’s also good reason to celebrate when we find an opportunity for one of the many keen investors out there.

Business Broking Is Like A Box Of Chocolates

It never ceases to amaze us that 9 out of 10 people who buy a business, happily invest in a business that is completely different than those they first enquired about.

As a business broker, we see a brilliant rainbow of products and services that Australian businesses are involved in. Many times, there is that one business with very little to meet the brief—at least on the surface—that ends up ticking all the boxes.
We feel honoured to play a part when a pairing of this kind occurs. Not every boarding kennel owner, for instance, might realise a doubling of their income after investing in a pet grooming business. Or the smart caterer who branches out into wedding planning.

When To Call a Business Broker

When you work with us at Australian Businesses For Sale, you’re getting a trusted partner who definitely has your interests at heart.

That’s because owning a business is not just dollars and cents. It’s also about doing what you want do for a living, as well as for a lifestyle. “Pride of Ownership” is an important ingredient for success.

We’re reading between the lines when our clients describe their interests. Our experience has given us a 6th sense when opportunities arise and who we consider would be a likely match.

When you buy or sell a business, having someone alongside you who understands the nature of the marketplace and its inhabitants is going to considerable advantage.
We are familiar with all the options when it comes to business transactions. You could well be in a better negotiating position than you realise. Our friendly team can advise.

When you are selling your business, we act for you exclusively. The same is true when you are interested in buying a business. Ethically, within the one transaction, we could never represent a buyer and seller simultaneously.

Common to both, though, is our goal to help our clients buy or sell businesses as quickly and with as little stress as possible.

When you’re ready to experience the benefits of working with an established business broker, give us a call. One of our very approachable experts will be happy to get you started.