Buy a Business in Australia

Buy a Business in Australia ​

So you want to buy a business in Australia?

So you want to buy a business in Australia? Talk to Australian Businesses For Sale. We connect business buyers to business sellers.

We have the expertise to cut to the chase and shortlist the businesses for sale that best match your goals. And from our vantage point, with an eagle-eye view of the marketplace, we can see leverage points that help negotiate winning deals.
When the time comes to make your offer, we act on your behalf. This means, until the offer is accepted, your identity remains confidential.

Broadwalk Business Brokers 6 step guide to help you through when buying a business.



Discuss with us you short and long term goals, your Business criteria and your realistic investment level. We will need a Confidentiality Agreement at this point. Then we can present you with Business opportunities to ensure we have an accurate understanding of your needs. This would be the perfect time for Broadwalk Business Broker to introduce to a Finance broker so you can get their expertise in you capacity so you are looking in the right price range.


Once we have the parameters of investment and business types the search begins. With access to our data base of businesses on the market, as well as off market opportunities our brokers at Broadwalk Business Brokers will be trying to match you to that new opportunity.

Short List

once you have your short list of Businesses you feel are a good fit we will arrange meeting with our vendors so you can access the strengths and weaknesses of each Business

Due Diligence

congratulation you have selected a business. At this point you will need to find a good accountant to undergo an in-depth due diligence on the financials. The due diligence process helps us to ensure the business is performing as reported and to uncover any issues that are not transparent.

Make an Offer

Make an Offer: After we finalise the offer process and have agreed price and terms, we will issue a letter of offer for both parties to sign. This is not a legal document it is a document that the terms and price that has been agreed on. The letter of offer is part of the memorandum of sale that we will send to the vendor’s solicitor.


Congratulation you now own your own Business, Now you will be in your training period the length of this various from Business to Business and you have completed your stocktake and have paid for stock. At Broadwalk Business Brokers we are here to help to make the transition as easy as possible.

Brokering Businesses For Sale in Australia

Buying and selling a business in Australia is somewhat more complicated than buying and selling real estate. Without getting into too much detail, even the methods a business uses to source its products can be complicated.

As a business broker, Australian Businesses For Sale takes into account your likely capacity in becoming the new business owner. We aim to understand your requirements of that business and how much you can afford to put into it over the long term.

An important reason for having us act on your behalf, is that you won’t need to be directly involved in the negotiations. If you were, you could be subjected to pressures that you’d be well-advised to avoid. Any number of scenarios abound, involving pressure for time-related reasons to financial ones, even to personal guilt.

If navigating the tricky waters of buying a business were not enough, it’s nearly always better to ensure your confidentiality throughout the process.

We know only too well the sensitive nature of businesses changing hands. Competitors talk. Attitudes change among employees. Lenders get nervous. Confidence turns to concern. All of these factors and more can affect the operations of a business in transition.

It’s our business to take the worrying off your hands and ensure that all issues are handled discreetly and professionally. We aim for a smooth transaction between owners. Disruptions are bad for everyone involved.

We help buyers and sellers

Another less obvious aspect of our business broking services is that we can sometimes make approaches, on your behalf, toward businesses not currently on the market but that meet your criteria. Surprise offers often produce surprise results. Whatever the outcome, your identity is safe when it counts.

At Australian Businesses For Sale, we’ve been helping buyers and sellers with business ownership transactions for many years. With our experienced brokers acting on your behalf, you can go forward quietly confident that the best deal can be negotiated for you.

To get started with our business brokerage, simply give us a call. One of our friendly team will discuss with you the business needs and goals that work best for you. We’ll then aim to match potential acquisitions that meet your exact criteria, with the aim of helping you negotiate an agreeable price and seal the deal confidentially and quickly.