Buyer’s Agent Australia

Buyer’s Agent Australia ​

If you are considering buyer’s agents in Australia, then consider appointing Australian Businesses For Sale as your Buying Agent. Here are just some of the reasons why you should!

If you have a potential target acquisition in mind, Australian Businesses For Sales can approach confidentially, on your behalf. Your identity is not revealed. We will also help you search out businesses not necessarily on the market, that suit your requirements. When retained as a Buying Agent, our Legal Duty of Care is to you, rather than to the vendor, so you can rest assured that you are getting our full, personalised care.

We can negotiate price, terms, and conditions of sale on your behalf, rather than the vendor’s, and our fees come off the buying price to the vendor. As a Licensed Brokers, we can act only on behalf of one Principal in a transaction, EITHER the Buyer, OR the Seller, NEVER both. This removes conflict of interest and ensures that you are getting the full extent of our professional service and expertise. We are here for you through every step of the transaction, from the initial search for a business of interest, to the final steps in your acquisition.

Australian Businesses For Sales’ cutting-edge technology base means buyers can match their requirements against new stock on a daily basis. As businesses throughout the country become available for sale they are instantly listed. Buyers can be made aware of new businesses on the market as they come to hand by signing up for the online email service.

Australian Businesses For Sale is your professional agent, finding the best alternatives for buying a new business. Australian Businesses For Sale saves you time and money by finding the right business opportunity faster, for a lower acquisition cost. Give us a call today, and we will be happy to get started!